Committee - Partners

The Board Committee is headed by:
Thresia Mareta, Founder of Lakon Indonesia, Soegianto Nagaria, Chairman of JF3 and Charlotte Esnou, cultural attaché at the French Embassy in Indonesia and director of Institut français d’Indonésie in Jakarta.










Lakon is an ecosystem that was formed with its main mission being to develop solid businesses for the many talented craftspeople and their incredible know-how. The fashion brand has put its business expertise at the core of its efforts to create new and fresh designs using the many techniques found in Indonesia.

The rich heritage of weaving and batik is not only maintained but the artisans are supported and educated in the ever-changing fashion landscape so as to develop sustained businesses.

Through this support, the know-how is no longer in danger of disappearing, and the craft remains desirable to design talent and the fashion industry.

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JF3 is a private-initiated and government-backed Indonesian organization that is designed to promote the Indonesian fashion industry on a national level.

JF3 aims to empower small and medium-sized designer brands and artisans, contributing to the growth of the fashion industry across the country. It helps to drive their scalability to continue and expand to international markets.

Every year, JF3 collaborates with the fashion industry in the JF3 Fashion Festival, the venue for leading designers and promising young designers to showcase their latest creations. Through platforms such as JF3 Model Search and PINTU, JF3 aspires to encourage the presence of new talent in the Indonesian Fashion industry and beyond.







Institut français d’Indonésie, better known as IFI, is a part of the French Embassy in Indonesia. Its role is to promote cultural, educational, academic, linguistic and scientific exchanges between France and Indonesia. It works closely with Indonesian and French organizations. It has branches in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

One of IFI's mission is to support the development of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) by setting up programs to promote creators, accompany exportation or organize professional meetings. PINTU was created within the framework of the common objectives of development and preservation of traditional know-how in the fashion industry, a priority sector for both French and Indonesian governments.