PINTU Incubator 2023 program offers valuable mentoring sessions that provide participants with a special opportunity to learn from experts in the fashion business industry.

With over 30 mentoring classes, including masterclasses and sharing sessions, the program offers step-by-step assistance to help participants prepare their businesses to enter the international market, covering topics such as business law, international law and import-export, business planning and modeling, finance and accounting, branding, business communication, and product development.

To ensure the success of the program, PINTU Incubator 2023 provides participants with insights into how entrepreneurs gather real-time feedback, expand their networks, and learn how to create collections that meet international market standards, which they can then implement in their own collections.

This year, PINTU Incubator, takes a step further by partnering with a leading fashion school, École Duperré in Paris, designers and fashion experts from France.

In 2023, the collaboration is marked by the exclusive presence of well-established designers and fashion experts from France, who will participate in the JF3 Fashion Festival in Jakarta and be expert mentors in the PINTU Incubator 2023 mentoring program.