Pintu Success Stories

Who Succeeded Before You

Let's introduce you to the design brands and artisan brands that have successfully concluded PINTU Incubator.

Tenun Imam

The hallmark of Tenun Imam combines several weaving techniques, allowing various unique textures to appear on the fabric.

So far, Tenun Imam serves private customers, batik companies and fashion designers alike, including Bin House, Parang Kencana Batik, Iwan Tirta Batik, Danar Hadi Batik, Keris Batik, to name a few.

TENUN IMAM has been selected by PINTU to showcase at the Premiere Classe, Paris of March 2023.


Tenun Lurik Rachmad

With some 30-40 employees in the production department, many of their products are now marketed to Europe. They produce striated fabrics, tie fabrics, batik striated fabrics, thick cotton fabrics, carpets, scarves and more.

Their hallmark is 100% cotton cloth, processed in the traditional way throughout the whole process. Thick cotton fabrics are spun and woven from recycled cotton. Carpets are made from factory waste materials and then embroidered. The uniqueness lies in recycling raw materials into export-quality products.

TENUN LURIK RACHMAD has been selected by PINTU to showcase at the Paris Fashion Week of March 2023.