26 March 2024

PINTU Incubator 2024 Unveils Its Chosen Participants: Empowering the Next Generation of Fashion Businesses


During the month-long application period, the PINTU Incubator received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of applicants expressing their passion and aspirations for the fashion industry.

During the month-long application period, the PINTU Incubator received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of applicants expressing their passion and aspirations for the fashion industry. Next, an intensive curation process was carried out, carefully selecting the most promising and aligned brands to be part of the prestigious PINTU Incubator 2024 program. On March 20, 2024, PINTU Incubator officially announced the names of 7 carefully selected brands in a post on the official Instagram account @PINTU_incubator. This announcement marks the start of an exciting chapter for these brands as they embark on a transformative journey. Their dreams of fashion business growth are now within reach. The curation process adheres to a comprehensive set of criteria designed to identify brands with the potential to shine. The selected brands demonstrate a combination of great vision, strong concept, flawless execution, commitment to positive social impact, innovative business strategy, well-defined brand profile and model, distinctive style, exceptional product quality, and capacity to meet product demand.

Here are the 7 brands participants of PINTU Incubator 2024:

  1. Arae (@arae_clothing)

    Arae weaves nature's finest materials - silk, linen and the creations of local artisans - into clothing that empowers more than 1,450 lives. Collaboration with national parks and handcraft techniques ensures sustainable practices and positive impact. Each of Arae's works is a testament to a different kind of beauty: works that celebrate nature and ethical choices, and leave a positive imprint on the world.

  2. Denim it up (Ham Jeansku) (@denimitup)

    Denim it Up (Ham Jeansku) isn't just denim; it's an artistic journey. For 6 years, they've pushed boundaries, transforming jeans into wearable art. Skilled artisans craft each piece for comfort and style, expecting unique details such as leather patches, batik patterns and innovative stitching. Their passion lies in continuous exploration - denim reinvented, one masterpiece at a time.

  3. Enigma (@enigmartextile)

    Enigma Textile is a combination of cultural heritage and art with an environmentally conscious style that is sustainable into luxury accessories. Enigma was founded in 2016, together with skilled Indonesian craftsmen to produce environmentally friendly scarves, bags and more using traditional techniques. Each section embodies their own “Circle of Sustainability,” fostering the well-being of the environment and society.

  4. Opie Ovie (@opieovie.id)

    OPIE OVIE is a fashion brand that empowers women through elegant and luxurious modest fashion. A member of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber, OPIE OVIE is committed to sustainable design using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The brand's ready-to-wear collections cater to women with strong personalities and a confident sense of style. OPIE OVIE's designs have gained international recognition, with the brand showcasing its collections in fashion shows overseas.

  5. Semilir (@semilirsemilir)

    Semilir, born in 2017 in Klaten, Central Java, their workshop employs skilled artisans who handcraft each garment. Semilir incorporates various traditional patterns into ready-to-wear pieces, ensuring Indonesia's cultural legacy endures. Each piece is meticulously crafted using traditional batik stamping and hand-drawn techniques, with designs transferred to canting caps made from recycled cardboard. Embracing sustainability, Semilir utilizes 100% natural dyes sourced from four different plants, ensuring both skin and environmental safety.

  6. Senses (@studio.senses)

    Sense Studio weaves a tapestry of tradition and modernity in sustainable, ethically crafted fashion. Founded by a passionate team in Bali, their garments pay homage to cultural heritage through intricate embroidery and traditional patterns reimagined with contemporary textiles and silhouettes. Each piece, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, invites a multi-sensory experience. Sight, smell, touch, hearing – Sense Studio inspires a poetic and quirky elegance, inviting wearers to tell their own story through fashion.

  7. Tales and Wonder (@talesandwonders)

    Tales and Wonders, a Bandung-based clothing brand, celebrates culture through captivating printed designs drawn by local artists. Born in 2020, the brand specializes in print design, illustration, and folklore, intertwining vintage stories with modern aesthetics. By blending folklores and world customs, Tales and Wonders preserves cultural heritage in a delightful and contemporary manner. With a focus on organic materials and fairytale-inspired motifs, each piece embodies the essence of storytelling and tradition, inviting wearers to embark on a journey of wonder and imagination through fashion.

The PINTU Incubator serves as a platform for these talented individuals, providing them with invaluable support throughout the program. This support starts with exclusive mentorship, where experienced professionals guide them in refining their skills and honing their business acumen. PINTU Incubator also organizes workshops and seminars that expose participants to industry best practices and equip them with practical business knowledge. Additionally, the program fosters networking opportunities by leveraging PINTU Incubator's established relationships with industry leaders, potential investors, and collaborators. Finally, participants benefit from potential market exposure opportunities, where PINTU Incubator utilizes its resources to help them expand their reach and advance their businesses.

The Indonesian fashion scene is brimming with talent, and PINTU Incubator plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation. By providing aspiring designers with the necessary resources and guidance, the program fosters innovation and empowers them to compete on a global scale. As these participants flourish, they will not only contribute to a vibrant Indonesian fashion industry but also enrich the global fashion landscape with unique perspectives and sustainable practices. 

The PINTU Incubator 2024 participants represent the future of Indonesian fashion. With their talent, dedication, and the support of this prestigious Fashion Incubator Program, these participants are poised to leave their mark on the world stage. Their journey is not just about individual success; it's about shaping the future of Indonesian fashion and inspiring the next generation of aspiring designers.

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